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ready to make a difference

Our dining team promises to educate and inspire every guest that comes to our table with a true, mindful, and rooted approach to food. Read about our leadership team below, and say hello when you see us around Grounds!

Christian Froelich

Hospitality Services Director

Thomas Byers

Chef De Cuisine

Thomas grew up in Charlottesville, VA. He moved to Charleston, SC and received his bachelor’s in business administration from the College of Charleston. He then went to culinary school at the Art Institute of Charleston while working in restaurants in that area. He has come back to Charlottesville with his wife, Molly, to raise their two young children, Will and Ashley.

Janie Serna

Chef De Cuisine

Chef Janie grew up right outside of Charlottesville in Orange County Virginia. She graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management. Janie has worked in the Hospitality Industry for almost 15 years and has extensive experience catering in the event industry. In her spare time, Janie enjoys spending time with her family which often includes frequenting the local farmer’s markets and surrounding wineries.

Matthew Paysour, Registered Dietitian

Health and Wellness Manager

Matt Paysour is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Public Health & Nutrition from UNC-Chapel Hill and Bachelor’s Degree in Cognitive Science from UVA. Matt has a background in local food marketing, and he is thrilled to be back on Grounds to share his enthusiasm for community-building, sound nutrition knowledge, and eating well through eating local. When he’s not in the dining halls, you’d probably find him hiking, cooking, or browsing at the public library.

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